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Century Electronics opened in 1977 as an electronic parts export distributor to fulfill the needs of overseas customers for u.s. made products.  we have, since then, evolved to become a diversified supplier/consolidator of all types of material for industrial production, maintenance, educational institutions, medical facilities, government agencies, r&d labs and more.

 We offer the benefits of our long term relationships with contacts in diverse industries throughout the world (across the globe) including military, computer, medical, r&d, education as well as OEM’s and CM’s.

 We supply electronics, electrical and  mechanical components; raw materials (metals, plastics, etc.) to OEM’s, CM’s, gov. agencies/municipalities, MRO's,  educational institutions and resellers around the world.

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Century electronics can help you achieve your goals using the knowledge and experience we have accumulated in the 40+ years we have been in business.  Take advantage of our great service for fast effective results.
E-mail us today for the most dep and pro service that will satisfy your needs in a timely manner.
We want to help you to exceed all of your expectations by giving you only the best, highest quality service available.

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